If you fear for your immediate safety please call 9-1-1 immediately.


Empower women and girls -  become a volunteer today! 

Gain rewarding work experience as you help empower women and girls in your community! We welcome everyone to volunteer. If you are a post-secondary student interested in crisis, social work, counselling, or community engagement you're just what we're looking for! 

Why volunteer? 

Meet people from all walks of life, gain valuable skills and meaningful work experience as you come together to help empower women and girls. Discover how deeply gender-based violence impacts our community and become part of the solution. 

What will you be doing? 

We have tons of great volunteer opportunities available through our crisis line, drop-in centre, mobile assault response team or behind-the-scenes.  Let us know what interests you by filling our  volunteer application

How do you become a volunteer? 

Step 1: Fill out the volunteer application

Step 2: Sign up for our eNews to get an invite to our Volunteer Open House. 

Step 3: Come in and meet the team! 

We want to hear your voice. Join our Board of Directors!

Our Board is made up of a diverse group of women from all walks of life. A spot on our Board is desired by many. We set goals and lead future planning in our community. If you are a born leader and want to create a safe and just community for women and girls, then we encourage you to apply. Together, we are the faces of courage - the voice for change.   

How do you become a Board Member? 

Step 1: Fill out the Board of Directors application

Step 2: Sign up for our eNews to get an invite for an interview.  

Step 3: Come in and meet the team!